Su A Lee

228 Animal Sciences Laboratory
1207 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801


From 2010 to 2013, when I was an undergraduate, I had made the decision to study animal nutrition. I took lots of valuable and interesting courses regarding animal science at Konkuk University in Korea. My desires became clear after I took the classes including "Animal Nutrition Science," "Swine Science," and "Analytical Chemistry and Lab" that Dr. Beob Gyun Kim was in charge of teaching. I was inspired by his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to his research related to animal as well as swine nutrition. For that reason, I decided to be involved in a research position in animal science so that I might contribute to the advance of academia as well as the livestock industry, which should be a prerequisite to the sustainable supply of food for humankind. So I joined the Laboratory of Swine Nutrition of Konkuk University and researched swine nutrition with Dr. Beob Gyun Kim. While I was involved in the laboratory, I earned a lot of opportunities to conduct research projects regarding swine nutrition and to gain extensive knowledge from the precedent studies.

It was at the 2014 American Society of Animal Sciences – Midwestern Section Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa that my plan to participate in a Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) was developed. For the first time, I could introduce myself to many authors who had published a large number of meaningful articles in the journals and ask them questions. Dr. Hans H. Stein was one of the honorable people that I was looking forward to speaking with. And these situations were something that I never dreamed of before. In the symposium, I saw a wide range of academic research and broadened my knowledge in swine nutrition. Additionally, I found that swine nutrition is the most important field in swine science and has numerous research topics such as evaluation of nutrient utilization in feed ingredients and estimation of nutrient requirements for pigs to improve the industry. This experience, and the fact that there was much precedent research studied by the group of Dr. Hans H. Stein related to these issues, were critical foundation of my purpose to research further in Monogastric Nutrition Laboratory of UIUC.

Master's thesis: 
Prediction of energy values in feed ingredients fed to pigs
Doctoral dissertation: 
Digestibility of calcium in feed ingredients fed to sows and growing pigs and use of microbial phytase (in progress)