Chelsie Parr

(Now Chelsie Foran)


Chelsie Parr Foran grew up on a small farm in Catlin, IL, surrounded by animals. Both of her parents earned advanced degrees in animal nutrition from the University of Illinois, one with swine and the other with swine and poultry. She grew up loving animals and wanting to be a veterinarian. After high school, she proceeded to the University of Illinois to earn her Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences. She worked in Dr. Stein’s lab as a research assistant and for all four years of her undergraduate degree. She was in charge of the protein analyzer in the lab and helped run trials at the farm. In her senior year, she ran a trial of her own, looking at endogenous phosphorous losses.

By the end of her undergraduate program, she realized that wanted to pursue a career in animal sciences rather than become a veterinarian. She applied for the Research Professional Program and was accepted. In this program, she was the Assistant Farm Manager at the University’s Poultry Research Facility, and worked toward her degree while at the same time gaining invaluable experience in the field. Chelsie was co-advised by Dr. Stein and Dr. Parsons. She worked with high-protein, reduced fiber canola meals, looking at amino acid digestibility, TME, and phosphorous bioavailability with both pigs and poultry.

Chelsie earned her Master's degree in 2014 and now works as Senior Animal Facilities and Training Specialist at Novus International's Green Acres Research Farm in Missouri.