Oscar Javier Rojas Martinez

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Telephone: +1 217 766 3504
Email: oscarjrojas@gmail.com

Oscar J. Rojas is from Bogota, Colombia. He attended the National University of Colombia and graduated in 2008 with a B.S. degree in Animal Science. He came to Dr. Stein’s lab as a visiting scholar to learn more about swine nutrition -- specifically, about digestibility of amino acids and energy in nursery and growing pigs. He worked at the Swine Research Center for two years as a visiting scholar. During this time, he helped to conduct several research projects in digestibility of energy and nutrients in different feed ingredients and diets, as well as some growth performance experiments. He began his Master's program in the spring of 2010, and after numerous digestibility and growth performance experiments, completed his thesis on the Nutritional Evaluation of Fermented Soybean Meal Fed to Weanling Pigs.

Dr. Rojas earned his Ph.D. degree in Animal Sciences in 2015, looking into the effects of feed processing on the nutritional value of diets and ingredients (corn, DDGS, and soy hulls) fed to pigs. He now works as a Technical Research and Nutritionist Manager at Devenish Nutrition overseeing customers and research projects in USA and Mexico.