April 2019 Lab News


On April 2ndCharmaine Espinosa successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. Her topic was "Copper from Cu hydroxychloride in diets for pigs increases feed efficiency, improves energy utilization, and changes intestinal microbial activity".


On April 15th, Molly McGhee defended her Master's thesis, "Nutritional value of hybrid rye fed to growing pigs".  Molly will stay with us for her Doctoral studies, continuing to determine the nutritional value of hybrid rye.

We also had dinner to celebrate our graduates Charmaine Espinosa, Molly McGhee, and Diego Rodriguez. Many congratulations to them!


On April 8th, in the Recognition Awards for the College of ACES and Paul A. Funk, Dr. Hans H. Stein received the “Faculty Award for Excellence in Extension”. Big congratulations to him!


On April 17th, Hannah Bailey talked about "Protein quality of animal products evaluated by the digestible indispensable amino acid score methodology" in the 2019 Nutrition Symposium from the Division of Nutritional Sciences.


Personnel changes

We welcomed a new visiting scholar, Jessica Acosta, from Bogota, Colombia. She will spend the next 6 months in our laboratory.


New experiments

Su A Lee conducted an experiment "Correlations among blood biomarkers, bone parameters, and body Ca, P, and N mass for growing pigs".



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