April 2023 Lab News


Jimena Ibagon successfully defended her MS thesis on April 12. She did a very good job and gave a confident and data filled presentation and answered all questions to the satisfaction of the committee. Jimena will become a Ph. D student in our lab and continue with her hard work. 



Minoy Cristobal PhD student presented a poster at the DNS Nutrition Symposium 2023 and won the best student poster. The poster was titled: ''Determination of digestibility of amino acids, energy, phosphorus, and metabolizable energy in Photoseed soybean expellers fed to growing pigs''.

Jessica Acosta PhD student and Natalia Fanelli Master student in our laboratory presented this week a poster at the DNS Nutrition Symposium. Jessica talked about: "Concentration of digestible energy in corn-based diets fed to gestating and lactating sows is increased by adding xylanase to the diets" and Natalia about: "Digestible indispensable amino acid score (DIAAS) in animal-based burgers versus plant-based burgers, as well as additivity in mixed meals".



Peer-reviewed publications:

Bailey, Hannah M., Joy M. Campbell, Natalia S. Fanelli, and Hans H. Stein. 2023. No carryover effect of feeding spray dried plasma to weanling pigs in phase 1 on energy and nutrient digestibility in phase 2 were observed. Journal of Animal Science, 2023, 101, 1–8. doi.org/10.1093/jas/skad065.

Bailey, Hannah M., Joy M. Campbell, Leidy J. Torres-Mendoza, Natalia S. Fanelli, and Hans H. Stein. 2023. Inclusion of spray dried plasma in diets based on different ingredient combinations increases the digestibility of energy, fiber, Ca, and P by young pigs. Translational Animal Science, 2023, 7, txad031. doi.org/10.1093/tas/txad031.

Fanelli, Natalia S., Leidy J. Torres-Mendoza, Jerubella J. Abelilla, and Hans H. Stein. 2023. Chemical composition of copra, palm kernel, and cashew co-products from South-East Asia and almond hulls from Australia. Anim Biosci Vol. 36, No. 5:768-775. doi.org/10.5713/ab.22.0359.

Fanelli, Natalia S., Leidy J. Torres-Mendoza, Jerubella J. Abelilla, and Hans H. Stein. 2023. Chemical composition of cassava-based feed ingredients from South-East Asia. Anim Biosci Vol. 36, No. 6:908-919. doi.org/10.5713/ab.22.0360.

Extension Reports:
Espinosa, C. D., and H. H. Stein. 2023. Variability in wheat middlings; are there differences in digestibility, composition among sources?  National Hog Farmer, March/April 2023.