April/May 2010 Lab News


Stewart, L. L, B. G. Kim, B. R. Gramm, R. D. Nimmo, and H. H. Stein. 2010. Effect of Virginiamycin on the apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids by growing pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 88:1718-1724.


Ferdinando Almeida and Kurtis Goebel earned their Masters of Science degrees on May 15. Ferdinando will stay in our group as a PhD student. Kurtis has accepted a position as a swine nutritionist for Effingham Equities, Effingham, IL.

Personnel changes

Kurtis Goebel completed his Masters program and left us on May 15. Kurtis worked in our group during his last year as an undergraduate student and started in the Masters Program in August, 2008 so he has worked for us during the last 3 years. He will soon start working for Effingham Equities, a small feed company located in Effingham, IL. We wish you the best in your future, Kurtis.

Won Seok Ju completed his 1-year internship in our group and returned to South Korea. He will now complete his PhD program and hope to defend his dissertation in July. We have enjoyed having Won Seok in our group and wish him the best in the future.

Lab activities

Grant completed 2 experiments to develop low protein diets for weanling pigs. He also started 2 additional experiments.  

Oscar started an experiment to measure amino acid digestibility in fermented soybean meal (PepSoyGen) fed to weanling pigs. He also completed a study on phosphorus digestibility in PepSoyGen.

Jung started an experiment to determine the effects of different additives on the quality of fat in pigs fed diets containing DDGS.

Scott began an experiment to determine the effect of body weight on phosphorus digestibility.

Won Seok completed two experiments. The first was measuring the energy digestibility of copra meal and palm kernel meal. The second was measuring the standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids in the same feeds.

Sarah started an experiment to measure the ileal and total tract digestibility of energy, starch, and dietary fiber in cereal grains fed to growing pigs.

Ferdinando completed an experiment to measure metabolizable energy in new hybrids of corn.

Grant completed an experiment to study lysine requirements for finishing gilts.

Kate completed an experiment to determine amino acid digestibility in yeast products fed to weanling pigs. She also initiated an experiment to measure effects of probiotics on growth performance of weanling pigs.


Dr. Stein travelled to Guelph, Canada, to give an invited talk on "Distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and the use of phytase to address digestibility issues in pigs" at the 46th Eastern Nutrition conference.

Dr. Stein also travelled to Lexington, KY to give a talk on “The next NRC addressing Nutrient requirements of the animal in an age of the ACE principle” at Alltech's 26th Annual Symposium.