August 2010 Lab News


Kil, D. Y., T. E. Sauber, D. B. Jones, and H. H. Stein. 2010. Effect of the form of dietary fat and the concentration of dietary NDF on ileal and total tract endogenous losses and apparent and true digestibility of fat by growing pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 88:2959-2967.

Almeida, F. N., and H. H. Stein. 2010. Performance and phosphorus balance of pigs fed diets formulated on the basis of values for standardized total tract digestibility of phosphorus. J. Anim. Sci. 88:2968-2977.

Stein, H. H., A. A. Pahm, and J. A. Roth. 2010. Feeding wheat to pigs. Swine Focus #2. University of Illinois.

Personnel changes

J. Caroline González-Vega joined us as a new Masters student. She comes to us from Universidad National in Bogota, Colombia. Caroline was an intern in our laboratory from last August until February this year. She then returned to Colombia where she completed her BS degree in the spring and she is now back in our group to work towards completing the requirements for a Masters degree. We are excited to have Caroline back in our group.

Diego A. Rodriguez also joined us in August. Diego is also from Universidad National in Bogota, Colombia, and he will complete a 12-month internship in our group. Diego will be working with Kate at the Swine Research Centre and help her conduct research experiments. We are also excited to have Diego join our group and we hope he will have a productive year with us.

Lab activities

Brenda and Scott continued their previously initiated experiments.

Grant initiated an experiment to measure the requirement for Lys and Trp in weanling pigs.

John Mathai completed the animal part of 3 experiments to measure amino acid, energy, and phosphorus digestibility in new protein ingredients produced for weanling pig diets.

Ferdinando completed all calculations the final report for an experiment in which the digestibility of P was determined in various blood meals.

Oscar worked on the samples he collected earlier this summer and is trying to get all the analyses completed so he can start summarizing data.

Tanawong started writing the literature review for his PhD dissertation on canola meal.

Caroline completed the laboratory work for an experiment to measure AA digestibility in alternative protein sources for finishing pigs.

Oscar also completed the laboratory work for his experiments on fermented soybean meal and is now summarizing the data.


Sarah went to Western Canada for a short vacation.

Jung Lee also took vacation and visited his family in South Korea.

Dr. Stein went to Surabaya, Indonesia, to give a talk at the 3rd Soy Symposium on health, social-cultural and market perspectives. His talk was entitled “Use of soy protein in community development”.

Dr. Stein also went to the Philippines to visit colleagues and spend some time vacationing.