August 2012 Lab News

Personnel changes

Shelby Curry and Diego Navarro joined the lab as Master's students. Shelby is from Elk Grove, California and has a bachelor's degree in animal science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Diego is from the Philippines and got his bachelor's in animal science at the University of the Philippines. Julio Díaz is here as a visiting scholar from the Technical University of Madrid. He will be with us for three months. We welcome Shelby, Diego, and Julio, and look forward to working with them.

Dr. Minho Song left the lab to take a position as an assistant professor of monogastric nutrition at Chungnam National University. We will miss him, and wish him the best of luck in his new career.

Lab activities

Kate finished animal work for three studies: one on heat damaged soybean meal, one on phosphorus digestibility in canola meal, and a comparison of a novel phytase with a commercial phytase in weaned piglets fed a corn-soybean meal-canola meal based diet. She also started experiments on coconut expellers in weanling pigs, and on DE and ME in Alpha Soy.

Oscar finished experiments to measure amino acid digestibility, phosphorus digestibility, and energy content in corn with different particle sizes.

Oscar and Julio started a study on digestible and metabolizable energy concentration in high protein canola meal, conventional canola meal, and soybean meal fed to growing pigs.

Our new metabolism crates for sows arrived on August 31. These crates will allow us to expand our area of research.


Nestor Gutierrez returned for a brief visit at the end of August.

Jen travelled to France for vacation.

Dr. Stein travelled to Denmark and visited Neil and Dr. Knudsen.

Dr. Stein at a swine farm in Denmark

Dr. Stein hard at work in Denmark.