August 2021 Lab News


Dr. Stein gave conferences in:

  • On August 3, he gave a conference for USSEC, Latin America. Swine and Poultry Trade team. Champaign, IL. The conferences were about soybean meal analysis and fiber in swine nutrition.
  • August 10, for Smithfield Foods, Ames IA, about new research about sow nutrition.
  • August 11:
    • Dr. Stein presented a talk in International conference on swine nutrition, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, about towards increased accuracy of estimating net energy of diets and feed ingredients for ad libitum fed group housed pigs using the indirect calorimetry approach.
    • He also gave a talk for USSEC South East Asia, Animal Nutrition Working Group Seminar, Manila, The Philippines, about net energy and Reactive Lysine in soybean meal for precision nutrition.
  • August 16, DSM workshop on calcium nutrition in broiler chickens. Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, he talked about digestible calcium in pigs – method concepts, digestibility coefficients and learnings that could be applied to broilers.
  • August 19, for USSEC, Latin America, Seminar on Protein quality, Guadalajara, Mexico, about: Thermal processing impact on soybean meal quality.
  • August 23, Dr. Stein gave a talk in Byron Seeds, Field Day, Michigan City, IN, about nutritional value of high oil corn.
  • August 31, for USSEC, Latin America, Manhattan, KS. Aug. 31, 2021. Dr. Stein gave a talk about fiber in swine nutrition.


Personnel changes

Jimena Ibagon from Colombia and Megan Nelson from the US started as a students in fall. We also got a new visiting scholar from Peru, Juan Carlos Valencia and he will work at the farm. Dr. Vanessa Lagos left our lab to work as a Monogastric Researcher at Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands.


New experiments

Jimena Ibagon and Diego Rodriguez started a trial about "Concentration of net energy in three different sources of field peas with different particle sizes fed to growing pigs".



Peer-reviewed publications: 

Ibagon, Jimena A., Su A Lee, and Hans H. Stein. 2021. Sunflower expellers have greater ileal digestibility of amino acids than sunflower meal, but there are only minor variations among different sources of sunflower meal when fed to growing pigs. Journal of Animal Science, 2021, Vol. 99, No. 8, 1–9.

Rodriguez, Diego A.,  Su A Lee, and Hans H. Stein. 2021. Growth performance and carcass quality are not different between pigs fed diets containing cold-fermented low-oil DDGS and pigs fed conventional DDGS, but pelleting improves gain to feed ratio regardless of source of DDGS. Journal of Animal Science, 2021, Vol. 99, No. 8, 1–8. doi:10.1093/jas/skab129.

Espinosa, Charmaine D., Maryane S. F. Oliveira, Deepak E. Velayudhan, Yueming Dersjant-Li, Hans H. Stein. 2021. Influence of a novel consensus bacterial 6-phytase variant on mineral digestibility and bone ash in young growing pigs fed diets with different concentrations of phytate-bound phosphorus. Journal of Animal Science, 2021, Vol. 99, No. 8, 1–12.

Lagos, L. Vanessa, Su A Lee, Mike R. Bedford, and Hans H. Stein. 2021. Reduced concentrations of limestone and monocalcium phosphate in diets without or with microbial phytase did not influence gastric pH, fecal score, or growth performance, but reduced bone ash and serum albumin in weanling pigs. Transl. Anim. Sci. 2021.5:1-10.

Espinosa, C. D., N. S. Fanelli, H. H. Stein. 2021. Digestibility of amino acids and concentration of metabolizable energy are greater in high-oil corn than in conventional corn when fed to growing pigs. Animal Feed Science and Technology 280: 115040.

Lee, Su A, Laia Blavi, Diego M. D. L. Navarro, and Hans H. Stein. 2021. Addition of hydrochloric acid to collection bags or collection containers did not change basal endogenous losses or ileal digestibility of amino acid in corn, soybean meal, or wheat middlings fed to growing pigs. Animal Bioscience Vol. 34, No. 10:1632-1642 October 2021.

Extension Reports: 

Mallea, A. P., and H. H. Stein. 2021. Cheese Co-Product Offers High Nutritional Value for Weanling Pigs. Pork Magazine, On-line edition, Aug. 12, 2021.