August 2022 Lab News


Dr. Stein spend his sabbatical time in Colombia at the National University of Colombia, and now he is back in our lab to continue working in research and with the new students.



On August 25th, Dr. Stein gave an online conference about Variability in measurements of amino acid content and in vivo digestibility for Protein Quality workshop. Global Soy Nutrition Institute.


Personnel changes

Natalia Fanelli became a master student and Minoy Cristobal and Leidy Torres became a PH.D. student. We also got two new visiting scholars, Juliana Ravagnani from Brazil she will work in our laboratory and Cindy Sabogal from Colombia she will work primarily at the SRC. Welcome to all of you!!!

Ariel Bransford and Julio Mioto left our lab. Arial has worked in our laboratory for the last two years and before that as an undergraduate student helper. She will now move back to Chicago to work at a hospital. Julio came to us from Brazil almost two years ago and he has worked primarily on our research farm helping with experiments in our calorimetry unit. He will now move to the companion animal group at the University of Illinois where he will pursue his Masters degree. We wish Arial and Julio the best of luck as they move on in their careers.