Blavi and Stein.

Effects of two direct fed microbials on ileal digestibility of amino acids and total tract digestibility of crude protein and gross energy in diets fed to growing pigs

Direct fed microbials (DFM) are defined as live microorganisms that offer a health benefit for the host when administered in appropriate and regular quantities. Bacillus-based DFM are aerobic, spore-forming bacteria that may enhance the host animal’s immune response and improve growth performance in weanling pigs. Bacillus spp. also produce extracellular enzymes that may enhance digestibility and absorption of nutrients.

An experiment was, therefore, conducted to test the hypothesis that two DFM containing Bacillus strains (provided by Chr. Hansen A/S, Horsholm, Denmark) improve the apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of AA, CP, and GE, the apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of CP and GE, and hindgut digestibility of CP and GE when fed to growing pigs.


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