December 2022 Lab News


Dr. Su A Lee gave a talk about "Interactive effects of pelleting and particle size reduction of corn on net energy and digestibility of fiber, fat, Ca, P, and amino acids in corn-soybean meal diets fed to group-housed pigs" at the 6th Mini-symposium on Precision Nutrition for Swine, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea on December 21.

Dr. Stein gave some talks in:

  • Huvepharma 4th International seminar. Today’s challenges for optimal nutrition & health of high performing animals. Penang, Malaysia, on December 6, about: "Calcium and phosphorus requierements and the impact of their levels on amino acid and energy digestibility in pigs"
  • DSM conference on swine nutrition, Tokyo, Japan on December 8, about: "Advances in feed formulation to reduce post weaning diarrhea" and 'Recent trends in diet formulation for pigs".
  • 22nd International Congress on Nutrition. Open symposium on “The importance of protein quality in a sustainable diet”. Tokyo, Japan, on December 9, about: "Porcine model for routine detection of protein digestibility in humans".



Peer-reviewed publications: 

Espinosa, C. D., J. M. Campbell, H. H. Stein. 3033. Growth performance of weanling pigs fed diets containing spray-dried bovine plasma or hydrolyzed spray-dried bovine plasma. Animal Feed Science and Technology 294 (2022) 115500.

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Brinck, Julius Emil, Simon Bo Lassen, Asal Forouzandeh, Ting Pan, Yan-Zi Wang, Alessandra Monteiro, Laia Blavi, David Solà-Oriol, Hans H. Stein, Jian-Qiang Su, Kristian K. Brandt. 2022. Impacts of dietary copper on the swine gut microbiome and antibiotic resistome. Science of the Total Environment 857 (2023) 159609.