February 2010 Lab News


Grant Petersen passed his preliminary exams and he is now busy completing all the research he committed to doing to complete his PhD dissertation.   

Press releases

Two press releases related to our group were published:

Personnel changes

We said goodbye to Dr. Beob G. Kim, who left us because he accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kim came to our laboratory in 2008 and spent a little more than 2 years as a post doctoral research fellow in our group. He completed a large number of research projects during the time he was in our group and he also managed to help the graduate students on many occasions. We wish you the best of luck, Beob - you will be missed.

Caroline González-Vega also left us after completing her internship. She is now back in her native Colombia where she will complete her undergraduate studies. Caroline completed 2 experiments during the six months she was with us and she will present results from one of the experiments at the ASAS National Meetings in Denver in July.

Lab activities

Won Seok started a new experiment to measure energy digestibility in palm kernel meal and copra meal.

Grant completed 2 experiments to develop low protein diets for weanling pigs. He also started 2 additional experiments.  

Kate started an experiment to measure AA digestibility in novel feed ingredients. 

Ferdinando completed an experiment in which he measured the digestibility of energy in novel feed ingredients.


Dr. Stein travelled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras to give invited talks at different conferences.


We hosted Dr. Phil Miller, University of Nebraska, who visited with the entire group after participating in Grant’s preliminary exams.