February 2011 Lab News


Grant Petersen successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled, “Estimation of the ideal standardized ileal digestible tryptophan:lysine ratio in 10 to 20 kg pigs.” Grant has now moved on to work as a Technical Service Nutritionist for JBS United. We wish Dr. Petersen the best of luck in his new career.

Rommel Sulabo was interviewed for the USDA Radio News service about nutritional strategies to reduce feed costs.


Baker, K. M., P. L. Utterback, C. M. Parsons, and H. H. Stein. 2011. Nutritional value of soybean meal produced from conventional, high-protein,  or low-oligosaccharide varieties of soybeans and fed to broiler chicks. Poult. Sci. 90:390-395.

Goebel, K. P., and H. H. Stein. 2011. Phosphorus digestibility and energy concentration of enzyme-treated and conventional soybean meal fed to weanling pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 89:764–772.

Lab activities

Kate started experiments on phosphorus digestibility in corn co-products,  effects of an antibiotic growth promoter on protein deposition, ileal and total tract digestibility of feed with added enzymes such as phytase and carbohydrases, and a growth performance study on weanling pigs fed two different protein sources along with Soycomil.

Jin started an experiment on digestibility of amino acids in full fat soybeans fed to weanling pigs.

Neil started an experiment on ileal and fecal digestibility in growing pigs fed 30% DDGS supplemented with xylanase and phytase.

Dr. Sulabo finished analyzing the data for experiments on growth performance of pigs given direct-fed microbials, amino acid digestibility in meat & bone meal, and phosphorus digestibility in meat & bone meal.


Dr. Stein traveled to Washington, DC for an NRC conference. He also traveled to California and the Netherlands.

Dr. Sulabo gave a presentation on “Nutritional strategies to reduce feed costs” at the Illinois Pork Expo in Peoria.