February 2017 Lab News

Personnel changes

Dr. Akemi Yamamoto joined us this month. Dr. Yamamoto is an Associate Professor at Gifu University in Gifu, Japan, with a dual appointment in the Graduate School of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences. She plans to work on in vitro amino acid analysis. Welcome, Dr. Yamamoto!

New experiments

John started a trial to look at the effects of processing on the digestibility of AA in pork loin.

Charmaine began a study of the effect of tribasic copper chloride (TBCC) on digestibility of energy and AEE, growth performance, and blood characteristics of weanling pigs.

Diego Rodriguez started an experiment to determine the ileal digestibility of starch, AEE, and amino acids in conventional and extruded yellow dent corn, wheat, and sorghum fed to weanling pigs.

Diego Lopez started a study of amino acid digestibility in rye fed to pigs.


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