February 2018 Lab News

Personnel changes

Monica had her last day as an intern in our lab on February 9. She will now return to the National University of Colombia in Bogota to complete her BS degree. Monica has been very productive during the six months she spent with us and we wish her best of luck in the future. We had a little celebration in the office on her last day (right).

New experiments

Johana started a study of the effects of heat treatment on digestibility of AA in DDGS.

Jeru started and finished an experiment on the fate of pentoses entering the hindgut of growing pigs.


On Feb. 7 Dr. Stein participated in the Illinois Pork Expo in Springfield. He then traveled to Massey University in New Zealand last week of February to discuss and work on a joint research project. He also gave a talk titled "Procedures for determining nutrient digestibility by pigs" to students and faculty at Massey University.

In addition to Dr. Stein, Diego Navaro, Gloria, Carly, Hannah, Maryane, Monica, Jeru, and Von also attended the Illinois Pork Expo.

Laia went to Paris to the JRP (Journées de la Recherche Porcine). While there, she also presented a talk for the company ANIMINE and their European distributors titled "Mineral interactions: examples and their consequences in pig nutrition."


Huang, C., S. Zhang, H. H. Stein, J. Zhao, D. Li, and C. Lai. 2018. Effect of inclusion level and adaptation duration on digestible energy and nutrient digestibility in palm kernel meal fed to growing-finishing pigs. Asian Austr. J. Anim. Sci. 31:395-402.