February 2023 Lab News

New Experiments

Diego Rodriguez started a new experiment at the calorimeter unit about “Concentration of net energy in two sources of modified corn protein fed to group-house pigs”.

Christina Larsen started a project called "Digestibility of phosphorus in wheat middlings fed to growing pigs".

Juliana Ravagnani started a trial: "Determination of Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) values for milk".



Dr. Su A Lee, gave a talk about "Description of a novel indirect calorimeter and net energy in diets fed to group-housed pigs", on February 16th at Konkuk University.


Personnel changes

Christina Larsen a Ph D student from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark came to spend 3 month in our laboratory.




Jessica Acosta, 2022. M. S. Thesis: Digestibility of energy and total dietary fiber by gestating and lactating sows but not reproductive performance are influenced by exogenous xylanase.