January 2010 Lab News


Pedro successfully defended his PhD dissertation, entitled "Digestibility of dietary fiber by growing pigs".

Personnel changes:

We welcomed Jung Lee and Oscar J. Rojas as new Masters students in our group.

We also welcomed Jen Roth as the new communications specialist in our group.

We said goodbye to Pedro Urriola who left us after defending his PhD dissertation. Dr. Urriola now works as a research scientist for Cargill Inc., Elk River, MN.

Lab activities:

Won Seok conducted an experiment to measure feed preference of newly weaned pigs fed diets containing different sources of whey permeat.

Grant started 2 experiments to develop low protein diets for weanling pigs.

We cannulated 20 weanling pigs and Kate started two experiments to measure ileal amino acid digestibility in diets containing different sources of blood meal and diets containing different enzymes.


Oscar travelled to Bogota, Colombia to change his visa.

Dr. Stein travelled to Orlando, FL, to participate in the NCCC-42 annual meeting. He also participated in the first meeting in the committee that is formed to develop a new NRC for swine.

Dr. Stein also travelled to Washington DC to meet with federal funding agencies.

Dr. Stein also travelled to Davenport, IA, to meet with representatives from Iowa State University, the Iowa Soybean Association, and the Illinois Soybean Association.


Won Seok and Dr. Stein met with Dr. Young Hyun, Ezy Biosystems, Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Stein met with Dr. David Holzgraefe, ADM Alliance Nutrition.

We also hosted Ms. Erin Harris, graduate student at North Dakota State University, who visited UIUC to work with Dr. Stein on a research manuscript.