January 2011 Lab News

Personnel changes

Scott Baker let our lab after completing his Masters Degree. He is now working as a market analyst at Trouw Nutrition USA in Highland, IL.

Neil Jaworski joined our lab as a Master's student. Neil is from La Grange, Illinois, and has worked as a lab assistant at the Stein Monogastric Nutrition Laboratory since he was a freshman. He also had an internship for two summers with JBS United, where he learned about the animal feed industry in general and swine nutrition in particular. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences, he decided to continue his education and study swine nutrition with Dr. Stein.

Jin Yoon also joined us in January as a new Master's student. Jin is originally from Cheonan, South Korea and moved to the United States when she was in middle school. She also worked for the Stein lab as an undergraduate. She originally planned to go to veterinary school, but became interested in nutrition research during her time as a lab assistant and decided to pursue a Master's degree instead.

We wish Scott great success in his new career, and look forward to working with Neil and Jin.


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Lab activities

Kate finished an experiment on direct-fed microbials (probiotics) in nursery pigs. She also finished three experiments on digestibility of amino acids, phosphorus, and energy in lemna meal.

Sarah completed an experiment about the effects of including novel fibers on digestibility of energy, fiber, and nutrients fed to pigs.

Ferdinando completed animal work on an experiment to determine the effects of graded levels of phytase on the STTD of P in corn and corn co-products.

Jung started an experiment to determine the optimal inclusion rate of corn germ in diets with and without DDGS.


Dr Stein travelled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the NCCC-042 meeting on swine nutrition.

Dr. Stein travelled to North Carolina to give a talk for Novozymes entitled "Usage of DDGS in swine diets."

Jin traveled to Korea to visit her family.