January 2019 Lab News


On January 31, our team met with Mrs. Ester Vinyeta of the Nutreco company, who made an exhibition on important aspects about the industry.


Personnel changes

Our intern Natalia Fanelli finished her time with us. She will now go back to Brazil, to complete her BS degree. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors, and hope her time here was a helpful experience for her.


New experiments

Vanessa Lagos conducted an experiment "Effect of formulating diets based on a ratio between STTD Ca and STTD P and the inclusion of phytase on the calcium and phosphorus balance of growing pigs"


Travel and visitors

On January 29 our team visited the 2019 Illinois Pork Expo in Springfield. The exhibition was supported by several sponsors, who presented their products and new innovations to the participants.



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