July 2019 Lab News


Diego Rodriguez M. S. who is hired as the manager of our new calorimeter unit. We are exited to have Diego with us. We are certain he will contribute to increasing our research output.



On July 8th to 10th, Dr. Hans H. Stein participated in the annual meeting for the American Society of Animal Science where he gave a talk “Use of feed technology to improve the nutritional value of diets for pigs”.

On July 17th-18th, PhD student Molly McGhee and Hans H. Stein participated in the “Hybrid Rye Feeding Seminar” in Winnipeg, Canada, where Dr. Stein gave a presentation “Hybrid rye for gestating and lactating sows”.


Personnel changes

Joan Lluis Archs Toledo is a visiting scholar from Spain. He will be here for three months before returning to finish his Ph. D. in monogastric nutrition at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


New experiments

Joseph Limbach started an experiment titled: "Effects of dietary crude protein level on growth performance, blood characteristics, and indicators of gut functionality in weanling pigs."



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