June 2015 Lab News


Neil Jaworski received the Wilson G. Pond Travel Award from the American Society of Animal Science. The award will be presented at the at the ADSA-ASAS-CSAS 2014 Joint Annual Meeting in Orlando in July. He will use the funding to travel to the 66th EAAP Annual Meeting in Warsaw, Poland August 31-September 4.

Gloria Casas received a Graduate Student International Research Grant from the Office of International Programs at the University of Illinois College of ACES. She will use the grant to conduct carbohydrate research at Aarhus University in Denmark this summer.

Lab activities

Laura finished farm work on an experiment to determine if there are differences in growth performance of pigs fed diets containing calcium carbonate ground to different particle sizes. She also finished animal work on an experiment to determine the effect of sodium on calcium digestibility, and another to determine the effect of sucrose on ATTD of calcium and phosphorus. She started a study on digestible calcium requirements for 100 to 135 kg pigs.

Gloria finished the lab work for her experiment to determine ME of rice co-products fed to gestating and lactating sows.

Caroline started a study of calcium balance in 25-50 kg pigs.

Chengfei started a trial to determine amino acid digestibility in soy protein concentrate.

John finished animal work in an experiment to determine DIAAS values for dairy proteins and other protein sources.


Gloria will be in Denmark for about a month and a half to work with Dr. Bach Knudsen at Aarhus University. Dr. Bach Knudsen's lab is among the best in the world at carbohydrate analysis, and Gloria plans to fully describe the carbohydrate composition of rice co-products. By doing so, she hopes to be able to explain how the carbohydrases affect rice co-products.

On June 2, Dr. Stein gave a talk at the 2015 NSRL INTSOY Short Course with the title "Soy as a source of protein in diets for pigs and people".

On June 15, Dr. Stein visited Dupont-Danisco in Marlborough, UK with Jerubella and Neil to discuss further research. All three gave presentations.

Dr. Stein traveled to Denmark, on June 18. He visited with colleagues at Aarhus University to discuss future research collaboration, and also visited with Gloria. He then gave a presentation on "New developments in swine nutrition in Illinois" at a swine producer meeting in Aulum. Gloria also participated in the meeting - she did not understand the talk (which was in Danish), but she liked the food!