June 2018 Lab News

Feed ingredient course

Dr. Stein was one of the organizers and instructors for a short course on feed ingredients June 25-29 in Madrid. Speakers from eight countries taught attendees from 31 countries about commonly used feed ingredients in terms of chemical composition, anti-nutritional factors, digestibility of energy and nutrients, recommended inclusion rates for pigs and poultry, and quality control. The course was co-sponsored by the University of Illinois, the Polytechnical University in Madrid, the United States Soybean Export Council, and FEDNA.

With so many former members of the lab attending the course, we also had a Stein Lab reunion!

Personnel changes

After spending all of 2017 with us as a visiting scholar, Diego Lopez has finished his Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences at the National University of Colombia and returned to our lab to work toward his Master's degree. Welcome back, Diego!

Travel and visitors

Diego Rodriguez, Hannah, Elizabeth, Vanessa, and Molly attended the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA June 6-8.

While in Spain for the feed ingredient course, our lab members had the opportunity to travel to the Extremadura region, home of the famous jamón ibérico de bellota. This ham is made from special black Iberian pigs (left) that are fed on acorns. In the photos on the right, Su A and Vanessa show off the results.


On June 5 and 6, we hosted a team of Chinese nutritionists (below) who were here for training in nutrition and use of feed ingredients. We also took them on a tour of campus.


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