March 2019 Lab News


Our team participated in the Midwest ASAS 2019. They gave oral presentations and presented posters.

Charmaine Espinosa, Ph.D. student, talked about “Effects of copper hydroxychloride and increasing concentrations of dietary fat on growth performance, total tract endogenous loss of fat, and apparent total tract digestibility of fat by growing pigs”.

Vanessa Lagos, Ph.D. student, talked about “Influence of the level of dietary digestible Ca on growth performance, bone ash, plasma Ca, and abundance of genes involved in Ca absorption in 11 to 25 kg pigs fed different levels of digestible P”.

Woongbi Kwon, Ph.D. student, talked about: “Effects of dietary leucine concentration on branched-chain amino acid metabolism in growing pigs”.

Diego Rodriguez, M.S. talked about “Nutrient and energy digestibility and concentrations of digestible and metabolizable energy in conventional and extruded yellow dent, corn, wheat, and sorghum fed to growing pigs”. 

Dr. Maryane Oliveira, our postdoctoral research associate, had two presentations: “Direct vs. difference method to determine amino acid digestibility in ingredients fed to pigs” and "Bioavailability of valine in a fermentation biomass product relative to the bioavailability in crystalline L-valine when fed to weanling pigs”.

Dr. Jerubella Abelilla, Regional Technical Swine Manager for DSM, had a presentation about “Fate of pentoses in the small intestine and hindgut of growing pigs“.


Su A Lee, Ph.D. student, had two posters: “Basal endogenous loss, standardized total tract digestibility, and retention of Ca in sows change throughout gestation, but microbial phytase reduces basal endogenous loss of Ca by gestating sows” and “Standardized total tract digestibility of Ca by growing pigs in different sources of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate”.

Carly Rundle, Ph.D. student, presented a poster: “Effects of isoquinoline alkaloids on growth performance and blood characteristics of weanling pigs fed corn soybean meal diets”.

Molly McGhee, Master student, had a poster: “Apparent ileal and total tract digestibility of energy and carbohydrates in hybrid rye and other cereal grains fed to growing pigs”.

Charmaine Espinosa, Ph.D. student, had a poster: “Nutritional value of high-lysine sorghum, red sorghum, white sorghum, and corn fed to growing pigs”.

Hannah Bailey, Ph.D. student, presented a poster: “Processing of food proteins of animal origin sometimes but not always, increases values for digestible indispensable amino acid scores”.

Cristhiam Muñoz, Master student, presented a poster: “Description of a novel calorimeter unit to determine net energy in group housed pigs”.



From March 11 to 13, Dr. Hans H. Stein participated in the Midwest meeting in Omaha, NE. He chaired a section for the DSM Bright Sciences Symposium. He listened to many presentations including those from our laboratory and he met with 5 different companies to negotiate new research in our team.

On March 19, Dr. Stein was at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, where he delivered the “2019 Annual T.K. Cheung Lecture in Animal Science”. He talked about “Current Research in Swine Nutrition”. This lecture was delivered to faculty and graduate students.

On March 26 and 27, Dr. Hans H. Stein participated in the London Swine Conference in London, Ontario, Canada. He gave two presentations about “Role of nutrition in promoting swine health”, and “CFM de Lange Lecture” and his title for that presentation was "Digestibility of Ca and P by pigs”.  


Personnel changes

We welcomed a new postdoctoral research associate, Dr. Lia Guardiola, and she is our first team member from Honduras.



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