March 2021 Lab News


Our student Vanessa Lagos received Midwest ASAS Young Scholar Award from the American Society of Animal Science. The presentation from Dr. Woongbi Kwon was selected to be included in the Baker Symposium of the 2021 Midwest ASAS conference.




Doctor Stein gave online conferences: 

  • On March 16: CSA, In-house symposium, Dayton, OH, about Net energy value of soybean meal.
  • On March 25: USSEC Precision Animal Nutrition and Feed Formulation Webinar. Manila, the Philippines. He talked about US soy specialty prodcuts in piglet nutrition and feed formulation.
  • On March 25: 7th CJ Animal Nutrition Forum 2021, Chicago, IL, his conference was about Use of processed soybean meal in diets for weanling pigs.
  • On March 29: AMENA Seminarios de Nutricion. Mexico City, Mexico, Dr. Stein gave a conference in spanish about La Digestibilidad de Calcio y Fósforo en Cerdos.



Peer-reviewed publications: 

Ansia, I., H. H. Stein, C. Brøkner, C. A. Hayes, and J. K. Drackley. 2021. Nutrient digestibility and endogenous protein losses in the foregut and small intestine of weaned dairy calves fed calf starters with conventional or enzyme-treated soybean meal. J. Dairy Sci. 104:2979–2995.

Other publications: 
Lee, Su A, D. A. Rodriguez, and H. H. Stein. 2021. Net energy of U.S. soybean meal greater than previouly estimated. National Hog Farmer, On-line edition, March, 2021.