March 2023 Lab News


Stein Lab was present in ASAS Midwest Meeting on March 13 - 15, 2023.


Jimena Ibagon a master student in our lab, won one of the department spring awards. This award recognizes the student’s outstanding acomplishments in research, of the Department of Animal Sciences at Illinois.



Dr. Stein gave the following talks:

  • USSEC seminar, Bangkok, Thailand, March 6, 2023, Dr. Stein talked about "Impact of Ca, P, and vitamin D on gene expression and growth performance of pigs".

  • 29th Anniversary Vet Products Group seminar, Bangkok, Thailand, March 9, 2023, the conferences were about: "Global feed production" and "Swine nutrition research update".

  • Midwest ASAS Meeting, Madison WI. March 14, 2023, about "Optimum ratios of calcium, phosphorus, and phytase to maximize feed conversion rates in growing pigs".

  • Our lab also organized a 3-day course in “New Trends In Feed Formulation” from Feb. 28 to March 2. The course was for nutritionists from Latin America and IDr. Stein gave the following talks in spanish, at that course: 

    • Nuevos productos de soya para lechones destetados
    • Conceptos en energía
    • Fibras en nutrición
    • Maillard reaccion
    • La sciencia de evaluacion de materias primas 


Midwest Meeting

From March 13 - 15, our team participated in the ASAS Midwest 2023, Madison - Wisconsin. Our postdocs and students gave oral presentations and presented posters:

Dr. Charmaine Espinosa, postdoctoral research associate in our laboratory, gave an oral presentation about: "Merabolizable energy and amino acid digestibility by growing pigs may be reduced if excessive heat is applied during drying of corn" and two posters about "Effect of two torula yeast sources on growth performance, intestinal health, and immune function of weanling pigs", and "Endosperm hardness in corn affects the digestibility of energy and fiber, and increased drying temperature reduces amino acid digestibility".

Dr. Su A Lee, postdoctoral research associate, gave two oral presentations about: "Interactive effects of pelleting and particle size reduction of corn on ileal digestibility of starch and amino acids in corn - soybean meal diets fed to pigs", and "Interactive effects of pelleting and particle size reduction of corn on net energy and digestibility of nutrients in corn - soybean meal diets fed to pigs". She also presented on behalf of Diego Rodriguez, about: “Concentration of net energy in corn without or with microbial phytase fed to group-housed pigs”. 

Minoy Cristobal, a Ph.D. student in our lab gave an oral presentation about: "Concentrations of digestible and metabolizable energy, ileal digestibility of amino acids, and digestibility of phosphorus in a new variety of soybeans fed to growing pigs", and a poster about: "Effect of low protein diets fed to weanling pigs on growth performance, fecal score, and carcass characteristics".

Jimena Ibagon, master student, gave a presentation about: "Effects of different sources and particle sizes of field peas on ileal digestibility of animo acids and starch by growing pigs" and a poster about: "Effect of microbial phytase on digestibility of phosphorus in seven sources of sunflower co-products fed to growing pigs".

Natalia Fanelli, master student presented a poster about: "Chemical composition of cassava-based feed ingredients from South-East Asia".

Megan Nelson, master student, gave a talk about: "Effects of different protein sources containing highly digestible phosphorus on the basal endogenous loss of phosphorus”. Jessica Acosta, Ph. D. student, also gave a talk about: "Concentration of digestible energy in corn-based diets fed to gestating and lactating sows is increased by adding xylanase to the diets".


New Experiments

Juliana Ravagnani started a trial about: "Digestible indispensable amino acid scores in pork products".



Peer-reviewed publications:

Rundle, C. M., V. Artuso-Ponte, H. H. Stein. 2023. Effects of isoquinoline alkaloids on apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids, crude protein, starch, and acid hydrolyzed ether extract and apparent total tract digestibility of energy and crude protein by growing and finishing pigs fed corn-soybean meal diets. Animal Feed Science and Technology 299: 115623.

McGhee, Molly L., Jessica P. Acosta, and Hans H. Stein. 2023. Weanling pigs consume more feed if hybrid rye replaces corn in diets, but average daily gain and fecal scores are not impacted by hybrid rye. Translational Animal Science, 7: 1–10.

Extension Reports:

Cristobal, M., S. A. Lee, and H. H. Stein. 2023. Evaluation of soybean expellers fed to growing pigs. National Hog Farmer, On-line edition, March 23, 2023.