May 2011 Lab News


Sarah Pahm and Grant I. Petersen were hooded at the ACES commencement ceremony on May 15 as they received their PhD degrees. Scott R Baker also was recognized and received his MS degree at the ceremony.

Grant Petersen, Sarah Cervantes-Pahm, Hans H. Stein, and Scott Baker

Ferdinando N. Almeida received the DDGS scholarship at a meeting in Kansas City, MO, on May 11. The scholarship was awarded because of Ferdinando’s work showing that diets fed to weanling pigs may be formulated using DDGS and microbial phytase without any use of inorganic P in the diets.

Lab activities

Jin Yoon initiated an experiment to determine amino acid digestibility in low Kunitz soybean meals.

Kate Horsman initiated an experiment to determine amino acid digestibility in eight sources of feather meal.

Neil Jaworski initiated an experiment to determine energy and nutrient digestibility in slow growing and fast growing pigs.

Caroline continued the animal part of her experiment to determine endogenous losses of Ca in pigs.


Ferdinando travelled to Kansas City, MO, to participate in the Annual Distillers meeting. He presented a poster entitled “Use of phytase and DDGS in diets fed to pigs – effects on phosphorus utilization and excretion”.

Ferdinando Almeida presenting his paper at the Distillers meeting


Jin Yoon’s parents visited from South Korea and toured our facilities.