May 2016 Lab News


Dr. Caroline González-Vega, Dr. Neil Jaworski, and Dr. Laura Merriman participated in Commencement this May.

Laura, Neil, and Caroline at Graduation

Congratulations to the graduates!

Gloria Casas received the 2015-2016 Animal Sciences Graduate Student Award from the department "for exemplary representation of the Department of Animal Sciences graduate students." Well done, Gloria!

Travel and visitors

Dinner with YanhongDr. Yanhong Liu, a former postdoc in the Stein lab and now an assistant professor at the University of California at Davis, was in town for a meeting in late May. While here, she spent some time visiting with her former labmates. At right, she is pictured at Biaggi's with Dr. Stein and other members of the lab.

Dr. Stein travelled to Eddyville, Iowa on May 18-19 to participate in the 30th anniversary of the Ajinomoto Heartland amino acid production facility there.


New experiments

Charmaine started an experiment on the effect of different sources of copper on growth performance in weanling pigs.

Diego started a study of the effects of the fiber fraction of feed ingredients on digestibility of nutrients and energy in mixed diets fed to growing pigs.

Other news

We celebrated Kelsey's birthday with a small party after our lab meeting on May 27. Happy birthday, Kelsey!

Kelsey's birthday