November 2013 Lab News


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Tanawong Maison successfully defended on November 8. His Ph. D. dissertation was titled "Evaluation of the nutritional value of canola meal, 00-rapeseed meal, and 00-rapeseed expellers fed to pigs." Congratulations, Tanawong!

Tanawong's PhD defense


Community outreach

Neil, Jessica, John, Diego, and Chelsie went to Booker T. Washington School in Champaign to teach the third graders about agriculture for their Ag unit. Jessica taught which products come from which livestock animal. John and Diego taught about soils. Chelsie taught about raising livestock animals and some differences between them (for instance, that cows have four stomachs and pigs have one). Neil taught about farming and the use of technology for farmers.

Lab activities

Caroline started an experiment to determine the additivity of calcium digestibility values.

Shelby started an experiment to measure DE and ME in 23 sources of DDGS from Illinois and surrounding areas.

Tanawong finished animal work for an experiment to determine optimum inclusion rate of high protein canola meal and conventional canola meal in diets fed to growing and finishing pigs.

John finished an experiment on lysine requirements of growing gilts from 25-50kg, and another on amino acid digestibility in field peas, soybean meal, soybean hulls, corn, and fish meal.

Diego started an experiment to measure DE and ME in new soybean meal products from Denmark.

Kate finished a study of the effects on weanling pig performance of replacing fish meal with enzyme-treated soybean meal.

Gloria finished an experiment on amino acid digestibility in rice co-products fed to growing pigs.

Travel and visitors

Dr. Stein went to Brazil from November 9-15. While there, he visited two campuses of São Paulo State University. At the Pirassununga, he reviewed undergraduate and graduate animal science programs. While at the Jaboticabal campus, he looked at the calorimetry chambers they use for energy studies.

Dr. Nyachoti came to Urbana for Tanawong's defense. The previous day, he gave a seminar on nutrition and gut health.

Drs. Konisgmar Escobar García, Victor Alfonso Balderrama Pérez, Julio César Baltazar Vázquez, and Sara Rubio Rubio from Mexico visited Illinois for ten days in November. They toured the Stein lab operations and discussed their research with our students over lunch.