November 2017 Lab News


Gloria Casas was named Midwest Animal Science Young Scholar by the Midwest Section of the American Society of Animal Science. The award will be presented at the Midwest Meeting in March 2018. Congratulations, Gloria!

Personnel changes

Maryane Sespere Oliveira rejoined our lab as a postdoc. Maryane was a visiting scholar here in 2015 before earning her Ph. D. in Animal Science from State University of Sao Paulo-Brazil, studying the effect of dietary inclusion of insoluble fiber from sugar cane on finishing pigs. Welcome back, Maryane!

New experiments

Diego R. started an experiment about effects of extrusion of cereal grain on growth performance of newly weaned pigs.

Kate started a study on using the difference procedure vs. the direct procedure to determine SID AA. She also started an experiment on the effects of feeding Calmin, a calcium supplement derived from sea minerals, to nursery pigs.


In mid-November, Dr. Stein and Su A went to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg to help a student there with a project.

Diego Navarro traveled to the Netherlands in late November for a meeting with Agrifirm.

Vanessa attended the 2017 Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis November 13-15.

Dr. Stein spoke about formulating diets based on digestible calcium at the International Phytate Conference in Bad Neuenahr, Germany on Nov 29 [below]. On November 30, he was an opponent (external examiner) of the PhD dissertation by Marta Perez at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.