October 2011 Lab News


González-Vega, J. C., B. G. Kim, J. K. Htoo, A. Lemme, and H. H. Stein. 2011. Amino acid digestibility in heated soybean meal fed to growing pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 89:3617-3625.

Kil, D. Y. and H. H. Stein. 2011. Dietary soybean oil and choice white grease improve apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids in swine diets containing corn, soybean meal, and distillers dried grains with solubles. Rev. Colomb. Cienc. Pecu. 24:248-253.

Lab activities

Tanawong finished animal work on an experiment to determine amino acid digestibility in canola meal and started a study on phosphorus digestibility.

Neil finished analysis for his experiment on ileal and total tract digestibility of nutrients in growing pigs fed 30% DDGS supplemented with xylanase and phytase.

Kate started two experiments for Danisco and a study on the use of an enzyme supplement with soybean meal. She finished a meat & bone meal study.

Personnel changes

Sarah Cervantes-Pahm has accepted a position as Schillinger Genetics' director of marketing for the Southeast Asia region. She will be leaving in early November. We will miss Sarah very much, and wish her the best in her new career.

Diego Rodriguez returned to the lab. He will be here for six months as a visiting scholar.

Ana Maria Arango joined the group as our new lab assistant.

Rachael Gortowski also joined the lab as a part-time office assistant.

Finally, Woongbi Kwon began working with us as an intern.


Dr. Stein traveled to Ireland to give an invited talk entitled "Improving profits in swine production via nutrition" at a nutrition conference.

Sarah traveled to Des Moines to visit Schillinger Genetics and interview for a job.

We hosted Dr. Schillinger and other guests from Schillinger Genetics on October 3-4. We have collaborated with Schillinger Genetics for over 6 years now, and had a very productive meeting with them. Jin, Oscar, and Sarah presented research results.  Jin will continue to conduct research with Schillinger soybean varieties.

On October 21, Dr. Stein gave a talk at ADM in Decatur, IL entitled "Use of soybean meal in future swine diets."

Ferdinando traveled to Brazil to visit family.


Sarah was recognized as a 2012 ASAS Midwest Section Young Scholar by the American Society of Animal Science. She will be presented this award at the Midwestern Meeting next March.