October 2014 Lab News


Congratulations to Caroline González-Vega, who passed her prelims on October 2. Next stop, dissertation!

"Effects of balancing crystalline amino acids in diets containing heat-damaged soybean meal or distillers dried grains with solubles fed to weanling pigs," by F. N. Almeida, J. K. Htoo, J. Thomson, and H. H. Stein, was named the animal Article of the Month for October from Cambridge Journals. The paper was recently published in Volume 8, Issue 10 of Animal.

Travel and visitors

Dr. Tom Crenshaw from the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Marie Pierre Létourneau-Montminy from Laval University in Quebec were in town for Caroline's prelims. While here, they met with members of our lab.

Dr. Stein travelled to China for two weeks at the end of October. First, he gave a keynote speech on "New developments in phosphorus nutrition in pigs" at the 7th China Academic Symposium on Feed and Nutrition in Zhen Zhou, Henan Province on October 18. Next he went to Bazhou, Hebei Province for the DSM Swine Nutrition Science Symposium on October 20. There, he spoke about "Digestibility of calcium and requirements for digestible calcium by growing pigs." Finally, he spoke on "Nutritional evaluation of new feed ingredients" at the Chinese Swine Industry Symposium in Shanghai on October 31.

He also visited China Agricultural University and the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center (MAFIC) to discuss collaboration on feed ingredient evaluation.

Dr. Stein in Tiananmen Square

Dr. Stein in Tiananmen Square


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