October 2019 Lab News


October 7 to 11 was organized the International Feed Ingredient Course in Bangkok, Thailand. This event provided to the attendees a complete overview over all commonly used feed ingredients in diets for pigs and poultry. Participants in the course learned about nutrient composition, energy and nutrient digestibility, and practical inclusion rates of all ingredients. The course met the expectations of nutritionists from Europe, Asia, and America. All lectures were given in English, but there was an instantly translation to Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.


The event was successful thanks to the participation of more than 500 attendees from the Philippines, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. Thanks to the speakers and the universities, as well as to all the organizers, and a special thanks to the sponsors who contributed to enhance this wonderful course.


Dr. Hans H. Stein gave the following talks in this course:

  • Introduction to Feed Ingredient Course
  • Fiber in feed ingredients
  • Global production of oilseed meals
  • Value added soybean products for weanling pigs
  • Global production of cereal grains
  • Use of bakery meal, cookie meal and confectionary byproducts
  • Nutritional value of co-products from corn- and wheat processing
  • Sources of calcium in diets for pigs
  • Digestibility of calcium and phosphorus by pigs
  • Use of feed technology to improve the nutritional value of feed ingredients and diets



Dr. Stein also traveled on October 24 to Kingston - Jamaica, where he gave a talk about value added soybean products for pigs in the Optimizing Performance of Swine Operations, Technical Seminars.

On October 30, Dr. Hans Stein gave a talk about recent research in swine nutrition in the Standard Nutrition Services, Fall Meeting in Omaha - Nebraska.

And on October 31, he gave a seminar: "Considerations in developing a net energy system for pigs" at the Graduate student seminar, UIUC.


Personnel changes

Joan Lluis Archs Toledo went back to Spain, to finish his Ph. D. in monogastric nutrition at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


New experiments

Hannah Bailey started an experiment titled: "Determination of a possible carryover effect of feedign spray dried plasma on energy, fiber, Ca, and P digestibility in nursery pigs".



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