September 2012 Lab News


Tanawong passed his prelims on September 25. Congratulations, Tanawong!


Rojas, O. J. and Stein, H. H. 2012. Nutritional value of animal proteins fed to pigs. Pages 9-24 in Proc. Midwest Swine Nutr. Conf. Indianapolis, IN, Sep. 13, 2012.

Lab activities

Kate started an experiment on amino acid digestibility in DDGS.

Ferdinando started a study of heat-damaged DDGS.

Tanawong started a study on phosphorus digestibility in canola meal from Europe.


Several members of the lab attended the Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference on September 13 in Indianapolis. Dr. Stein gave a presentation titled "Nutritional value of animal proteins fed to pigs."

Dr. Stein went to Winnipeg September 19-20 to give an invited talk at the Western Nutrition Conference. The title of his talk was "Overview over the new NRC for Swine".