September 2014 Lab News


Yanhong Liu gave birth to her son, Qiaobin Aiden Ji, on September 8. Mom and baby are both doing great.

Welcome, Aiden!

Chelsie Parr (now Chelsie Foran) got married on September 6. She and her husband Will are living in Missouri, where Chelsie works as Senior Animal Facilities and Testing Specialist at Novus International.

Chelsie and Will

Congratulations to Yanhong and Chelsie and their families!

Lab activities

Laura conducted animal work for a study using limestone with different particle sizes.

Pilar finished an experiment on the effects of level of feed intake on total tract digestibility of energy and nutrients in diets fed to growing pigs.

Kelly started a study of digestibility of phosphorus 20 sources of soybean meal without and with added microbial phytase.

John finished an experiment to determine the effects of fiber on the threonine requirement in 30 kg growing gilts.

Kate finished an experiment measuring the effect of pelleted diets on fat quality, and one on the use of yeast in growing pig diets. She started a study of the effects of superdosing with phytase.


Oscar, Caroline, Kelly, Diego, Gloria, Laura, John, Jeru, and Dr. Stein went to the Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference on September 4 in Indianapolis. Dr. Stein gave a talk on "Nutritional Value of Soybean Products"

Oscar went to Manhattan, Kansas to take a feed manufacturing course. The course is offered by the Grain Science & Industry Department at Kansas State University and covers many topics in feed processing.


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