September 2016 Lab News

Personnel changes

Paola Lancheros joined us as a visiting scholar. Paola earned her bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from America University of Bogotá in 2013. Paola is passionate about scientific research, especially in biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. While with us, she will be working as a lab manager and collaborating in all of our projects.

Travel and visitors

Gloria traveled to Belfast, Northern Ireland for the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. She presented a poster titled "Use of phytase and xylanase to improve the nutritional value of rice co-products fed to pigs."

On September 1, Dr. Stein gave a presentation at the International Soy Trade Exchange in Indianapolis. The presentation was titled "Effects of origin of soybean meal on digestibility of amino acids."

On September 9, Dr. Stein, Cristhiam, Jeru, Charmaine, Su A, Woongbi, Gloria, and John went to the Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis. Dr. Stein gave a presentation titled "Calcium Digestibility and Requirements for digestible Calcium by growing pigs."

Dr. Stein traveled to Europe in the second half of the month. While there, he gave several presentations:

  • On September 16, he gave a talk at the 5th International Symposium on Energy and Protein in Krakow, Poland, on the subject "Use of the Pig to Determine Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Scores in Human Foods." John Mathai was in attendance at this conference as well.
  • On September, he gave two presentations at a meeting for swine and poultry nutritionists in Bucharest, Romania. One was on "New sources of soybean meal in diets for weanling pigs," and the other was on "Effects of origin on the digestibility of amino acids in soybean meal fed to pigs."
  • On September, he gave a presentation for Nutritionists at DSM in Kaiseraugst in Switzerland titled "Digestibility of nutrients in diets for pigs."

He also visited former lab members Julio Díaz and Pilar Guzmán in Spain.

Dr. Stein and John at the 5th International Symposium on Energy and Protein in Krakow

New experiments

Charmaine started a study of the effect of 2 levels of copper on growth performance of weanling pigs.


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