July 2020 Lab News


On July 15th, Woongbi Kwon successfully defended his PhD dissertation. He gave a very nice presentation about the effects of Excess dietary Leucine in diets for growing pigs in front of a large on-line audience. You did a very nice job Woong Bi, big congratulations.


New experiments

Vanessa Lagos started an experiment: "Effect of increasing levels of phytase on phytate degradation and nutrient digestibility of pigs from 25 to 130 kg"; Carly Rundle also started a trial "Effects of isoquinoline alkaloids on nitrogen balance and total tract digestibility of Ca and P by growing pigs fed corn-soybean meal diets formulated below amino acid requirements"; and Diego A. Rodriguez started an experiment in our novel calorimeter: "Determination of net energy in soybean meal fed to growing pigs". Natalia Fanelli started an experiment: "Determination of PDCAAS and DIAAS for animal and plant based burgers, buns and the combination of buns and burgers".



This month Dr. Stein gave two presentations: on July 6th  for the Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc., Manila, The Philippines about "Feeding DDGS to Pigs", and July 14th "Use of DDGS in diets for pigs", in House seminar for New Hope Feed Company, Beijing, China.



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Woongbi Kwon, 2020. Ph. D. Dissertation: Excess leucine in diets for growing pigs negatively affects growth performance, nitrogen balance, and metabolism of branched-chain amino acids and tryptophan