July 2023 Lab News

Personnel changes

Caleb Marshall is our newest visiting scholar, he is from Greenville MS. He will work with us until December and then he will go to North Carolina State University to start his Ph.D program in January. Caleb also will work in poultry with Dr. Parson.



Dr. Stein gave some talks in Spanish in Peru and Chile:

  • On July 5, he participated in the CiPork swine congress in Lima, Peru. and he gave a talk at the congress: "La fibra como ingrediente: Definición y análisis"

  • On July 10, Dr. Stein gave talks to the Chilean swine producers about "Desarrollos en nutrición de cerdos". Santiago de Chile, Chile.



Peer-reviewed publications:

Bailey, Hannah M., Natalia S. Fanelli, and Hans H. Stein. 2023. Effect of heat treatment on protein quality of rapeseed protein isolate compared with non-heated rapeseed isolate, soy and whey protein isolates, and rice and pea protein concentrates. J. Sci. Food Agric. 2023. doi: 10.1002/jsfa.12809.

Stein, Hans H., Olayiwola Adeola, Samuel K. Baidoo, Merlin D. Lindemann, Sunday A. Adedokun, and North Central Coordinating Committee on Swine Nutrition. 2023. Standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids differs among sources of bakery meal when fed to growing pigs. Journal of Animal Science, 101, 1–10. doi.org/10.1093/jas/skad208.

Extension Reports:

Espinosa, C. D., J. D. Ward, and H. H. Stein. 2023. Increasing phosphorus digestibility in novel corn fermented products. National Hog Farmer, July 27, 2023.