November 2019 Lab News


From November 3 to 5, 2019, in Denver, Dr. Stein gave a talk: "Digestibility and Utilization of Cereal and Grain Proteins by Animals" in Cereals and Grains Association, 19th meeting Symposium. A Comparative View on the Nutritional Impact of Cereals and Grains on Animal Health and Performance.

On November 13, Dr. Stein went to Soyamax, Bio Plus: Una innovacion/especialidad de Inolasa para aplicacion en animales jovenes y acuacultura, in San Jose, Costa Rica, and he gave a talk: "Aplicación de la Harina de Soya Fermentada en Lechones; su potencial y efectos".

From November 19 to 21 Dr. Stein traveled to Barcelona and gave a talk: "Multi vs. Single application of enzymes to hydrolyze dietary fiber" in the International Fiber Summit. The fiber frontier. Nutrition for the second brain.

On November 21, he gave a talk at the University of Barcelona, about Formulating swine diets based on values for digestible calcium.

Former PhD students in our Laboratory, Dr. Laura Merriman and Dr. Pedro Urriola, participated in the International Fiber Summit in Barcelona, Spain.



Su A Lee went to Brazil to gave a scientific presentation at the annual meeting of the Brazilian animal nutrition society "32ª Reunião Anual do CBNA".


New experiments

Diego Rodriguez started three experiments: "Effect of dietary fiber on heat production, energy retention, and concentration of net energy in diets containing wheat middlings fed to growing pigs", "Digestibility of amino acids in diets containing wheat middlings fed to growing pigs", and "Digestibility of energy and concentration of digestible and metabolizable energy in diets containing wheat middlings fed to growing pigs".

Natalia Fanelli started an experiment "Determination of digestible indispensable amino acid score (DIAAS) for two breakfast meals".



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