October 2012 Lab News

Personnel changes

Julio Díaz finished his time as a visiting scholar and returned to the Technical University of Madrid. He hopes to be able to return to the Stein lab, so we look forward to seeing him again.

Woongbi Kwon also left the lab in October and returned to Korea, where he is studying with Dr. Beob Gyun Kim at Konkuk University in Seoul. We wish him the best in his academic and professional careers, and we know we'll be hearing from him again!

Lab activities

Jin started a study of phosphorus digestibility in Alpha Soy.

Oscar and Julio finished an experiment on digestible and metabolizable energy concentration in high protein canola meal, conventional canola meal, and soybean meal fed to growing pigs.

Ferdinando finished a study on heat damaged DDGS, and started a performance trial to investigate the effects of feeding heat damaged soybean meal to weanling pigs.

Kate started a growth performance experiment. She both started and finished a study with palm kernel meal fed to nursery pigs and a study of DE and ME in a new DDGS.

Travels and visitors

Dr. Gary Allee visited the group. Dr. Allee obtained his Ph. D. in swine nutrition at the University of Illinois. He then was on faculty at Kansas State for a number of years before he moved to the University of Missouri approximately 20 years ago. He retired last year and now does consulting and operates several research barns in Missouri.

Dr. Stein gave two talks at the “Animal Nutrition Forum” in Manila, the Philippines:

  1. Use of soybean meal in diets for pigs
  2. The new NRC for swine

Rommel Sulabo also presented at this meeting - the title of his talk was "Digestibility of amino acids in US soybean meal and other oilseeds."

Dr. Stein then traveled to China, where he gave two talks at the Chinese Swine Industry Symposium in Shanghai:

  1. The nutritional quality of feed ingredients
  2. Utilization of co-products from corn and soybeans and alternative protein sources for pigs

Dr. Stein and Rommel Sulabo at the Animal Nutrition Forum

Dr. Stein and Dr. Sulabo take questions at the Animal Nutrition Forum, Manila.