September 2017 Lab News


Congruatulations to Jerubella Abelilla and John Mathai, who both passed their prelims this month!

New experiments

Charmaine started a study of the effect of copper hydroxychloride on growth performance and blood characteristics of weanling pigs.

Monica started an experiment on the effects of Smizyme phytase on digestibility of energy and minerals.

Hannah started an experiment to determine digestible indispensable amino acid scores for pork products at various stages of processing.

Jerubella started a study on additivity of values for apparent digestibility of fiber in mixed diets fed to pigs.


The lab went as a group to the Swine Nutrition Midwest Conference in Indianapolis last September 7. Dr. Stein gave a presentation titled "Of fiber, carbohydrases and pigs". Charmaine and Dr. Stein traveled to Indianapolis a day in advance of the conference to meet with Micronutrients and discuss upcoming research.

Later in September, Dr. Stein traveled to Europe. On the 22nd, he was at Aarhus University, Viborg, Denmark, to serve as the external examiner at the preliminary exam for Trine Pederssen's prelims. Then he went to Kufstein, Austria to give a talk on "Digestibility of Nutrients" at the Phytobiotics: IQ Inside Seminar.

Finally, on September 26, Dr. Stein was in Guadalajara, Mexico at the AB Vista Phytate Summit. He gave a talk on "Requirements of digestible Ca by growing pigs".


Crenshaw, J. D., J. M. Campbell, J. Polo, and H. H. Stein. 2017. Effects of specialty proteins as alternatives to bovine or porcine spray-dried plasma in non-medicated diets fed to weaned pigs housed in an unsanitary environment. Transl. Anim. Sci. 1:333-342.