June 2020 Lab News


This month two of our students successfully defended their Master thesis Joseph Limbach and Diego Andres Lopez, they did it in front of a large zoom audience and they did a fantastic job defending it. Big congratulations to you both.


New experiments

Vanessa Lagos started two experiments: "Effects of reducing the concentration of calcium and phosphorus and increasing microbial phytase on gastric pH, fecal score, growth performance, blood metabolites, intestinal enzyme activity, phytate degradation, and bone ash of weanling pigs" and "Effect of increasing levels of phytase on phytate degradation, nutrient digestibility, plasma metabolites, intestinal enzyme activity, and bone ash of pigs from 11 to 25 kg".

Carly Rundle also started an experiment "Effects of isoquinoline alkaloids and narasin on growth performance and carcass characteristics of finishing pigs fed corn-soybean meal diets".



On June 16 - 18, Dr. Stein gave two presentations at the “IV European Soybean Meal Meeting” in Madrid, Spain: "Value added soybean products in feeding of weanling pigs. Nutritional value and quality control", and "The amazing soybean. Nutritional value and quality control".


Personnel changes

Andres Lopez finished his master and now he works at Keys Manufacturing Company, Inc. as a Sales and customer support representative. Joseph Limbach finished his master as well and got a job in United Animal Health. Alice Luciano ended her research in our lab and she returned to Italy to finish her Ph.D. studies. We wish all three the best.



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Joseph Limbach, 2020. M. S. Thesis: Reducing crude protein levels in diets fed to young pigs to optimize growth performance and intestinal health

Diego A. Lopez, 2020. M. S. Thesis: Composition and digestibility of different sources of feed phosphates by growing pigs.