Graduate students

Ph.D. students

Diego Navarro
Doctoral dissertation: Influence of physicochemical characteristics and inclusion rate of fiber-rich ingredients on utilization of dietary fiber and energy by growing pigs
Master's thesis: Amino acid digestibility and concentration of energy in processed soybean and rapeseed products fed to pigs

Gloria Casas
Doctoral dissertation: Nutritional evaluation of rice coproducts fed to pigs (in progress)

Jerubella Abelilla
Doctoral dissertation: Effects of dietary fiber fed to pigs (in progress)
Master's thesis: Standardized total tract digestibility of phosphorus in rice bran without and with phytase supplementation in swine diets

John Mathai
Doctoral dissertation: Digestible indispensable amino acid scores in food protein (in progress)
Master's thesis: Effects of fiber on the optimum threonine:lysine ratio for 25 to 50 kg growing gilts

Charmaine Espinosa
Doctoral dissertation: Nutritional value of Cu hydroxychloride fed to pigs (in progress)
Master's thesis: The effect of supplementing α-galactosidase on the energy value of soybean meal and production performance of nursery pigs

Vanessa Lagos
Doctoral dissertation: Determining the calcium requirements for growing pigs (in progress)

Su A Lee
Doctoral dissertation: Digestibility of calcium in feed ingredients fed to sows and growing pigs and use of microbial phytase (in progress)
Master's thesis: Prediction of energy values in feed ingredients fed to pigs

Woongbi Kwon
Doctoral dissertation: Branched-chain amino acids metabolism in growing pigs (in progress)
Master's thesis: Nutritional evaluation of inorganic phosphate sources and phosphorus digestibility in pigs

Carly Rundle
Doctoral dissertation: The effect of alkaloids as feed additives on growth performance and gut health in pigs (in progress)

Master's students

Diego Rodríguez
Master's thesis: Use of feed technology to improve nutritional value of feed ingredients fed to pigs (in progress)

Molly McGhee
Master's thesis: The nutritional value of hybrid rye fed to pigs (in progress)

Hannah Bailey
Master's thesis: Digestible indispensable amino acid scores in human food proteins (in progress)

Cristhiam Muñoz
Master's thesis: To be determined