Graduate students

Ph.D. Students

Minoy Augusto Cristobal Romero
Doctoral dissertation: Nutritional evaluation of a new type of SBM and the effects of low CP diets on net energy and growth performance of chickens and pigs. (in progress)
Mater's thesis: Nutritional evaluation of fermented soybean meal and fermented full-fat soybeans fed to chickens and pigs. 

Leidy Torres 
Doctoral dissertation: Use of homoarginine procedure to determine reactive lysine in soybean products (in progress)

Jessica Acosta 
Master's thesis: Digestibility of energy and total dietary fiber by gestating and lactating sows but not reproductive performance are influenced by exogenous xylanase
Doctoral dissertation: TBD

Jimena Ibagon 
Master's thesis: The nutritional value of field peas from different origins and with different particle sizes fed to growing pigs
Doctoral dissertation: TBD

Bibiana Jaramillo
Doctoral dissertation: TBD


Master's students

Andrea Mallea 
Master's thesis: Effects of using corn proteins instead of soybean meal in diets for weanling and growing pigs (in progress)

Natalia Fanelli
Master's thesis: Additivity of values for digestible indispensable amino acid score in food proteins (in progress)

Camilo Ruiz
Master's thesis: TBD

Yeonwoo Kim
Master's thesis: TBD