Graduate students

Ph.D. students

Vanessa Lagos
Doctoral dissertation: Determining the calcium requirements for growing pigs (in progress)
Master's thesis: Requeriments for digestible calcium by growing pigs

Woongbi Kwon
Doctoral dissertation: Branched-chain amino acids metabolism in growing pigs (in progress)
Master's thesis: Nutritional evaluation of inorganic phosphate sources and phosphorus digestibility in pigs

Carly Rundle
Doctoral dissertation: The effect of alkaloids as feed additives on growth performance and gut health in pigs (in progress)
Master's thesis: Isoquinoline alkaloids in diets for young growing pigs improve nutrient digestibility and gut health

Hannah Bailey
Doctoral dissertation: Effects of blood plasma on nutrient digestibility, growth performance, and gut health in pigs and sows (in progress)
Master's thesis: Digestible indispensable amino acid scores for meat products

Molly McGhee
Doctoral dissertation: The nutritional value of hybrid rye fed to pigs. (in progress)
Master's thesis: The nutritional value of hybrid rye fed to pigs.


Master's students

Diego Lopez
Master's thesis: Effects of origin of feed phosphates on digestibility of phosphorus and calcium (in progress)

Joseph Limbach
Master's thesis: Effects of dietary crude protein level on growth performance, blood characteristics, and indicators of gut functionality in weanling pigs. (in progress)

Paola Lancheros
Master's thesis: Composition of carbohydrates in undigested corn fiber fed to pigs. (in progress)