Chemical composition

Chemical composition of cassava-based feed ingredients from South-East Asia

Cassava, also known as manioc, tapioca, or yucca, is a starchy tuber crop grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Peeled cassava is obtained after the tubers have been water-cleaned and mechanically peeled. Cassava chips are chopped cassava roots that have been sun-dried or artificially dried and can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cassava chips may be sold directly, ground into cassava meal, or pelleted.

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Enzymatic digestion turns food waste into feed for growing pigs

Jinno Cynthia, Yijie He, Dan Morash, Emily McNamara, Steve Zicari, Annie King, Hans H, Stein, Yanhong Liu. 2018. Enzymatic digestion turns food waste into feed for growing pigs. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 242:48-58. Link to full text