Intrinsic phytase

Intrinsic phytase in hybrid rye increases the digestibility of phosphorus in corn and soybean meal in diets fed to growing pigs

Archs Toledo, Joan L., Su A Lee, Molly L. McGhee, Gonzalo G. Mateos, and Hans H. Stein. 2020. Intrinsic phytase in hybrid rye increases the digestibility of phosphorus in corn and soybean meal in diets fed to growing pigs. Journal of Animal Science, 2020, Vol. 98, No. 10, 1–6. doi:10.1093/jas/skaa295. Link to full text.

Effects of intrinsic phytase from hybrid rye on P and Ca digestibility in a corn-soybean meal diet

Rye contains considerable quantities of intrinsic phytase and the presence of phytase in rye may result in an increased P digestibility in pigs without using exogenous phytase. It is possible that the endogenous phytase in rye also increases P digestibility in other plant feed ingredients by releasing P from the phytate. However, to our knowledge, no data demonstrating this effect have been published. Therefore, the objective of this experiment was to test the hypothesis that inclusion of rye in diets containing corn and soybean meal (SBM) without or with microbial phytase improves the apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of P and Ca and thus the ATTD of P is not additive in the mixed diet.

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